Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Newsletter A Recently Wrote For A Project.

Not Working? Are You Creative? How About Doing Some Crafts To Stop Your Boredom? I Know What You're Thinking,It Cost's To Much? Well That Where You Are Wrong,I'm Going To Give You Some Tips On How To Do Crafts On A Low Budget! Here Are Some Shops That Are Great For Cheap But Decent Craft Items. - Discount Shops Or Pound Shops, The Works, (Website) And Free Sites Such As Freecycle And Freegle. Also Look For Sales In:- Ryman's,Hobby Crafts And Whsmiths. The Main Thing You Will Need To Do Crafts. - Scissors,Guillotine,Pens Etc,Different Types Of Glue Such As PVC,Water Glue,Prick Stick,Super Glue, Double-Sided Tape,Glue Dots,Double-Sided Sticky Pads,Plain,Coloured,Patterned Paper And Card,Embellishments,Card-Making Books From Cheap Books Stores,Charity Shopr Or Borrow From Library.  I Myself Do Card-Making Which Helps With Boredom Of Not Being Able To Work And Also My Mental Illness, And I Have £10 Left A Week To Buy My Craft Materials. I Buy Embellishments From The Works Or Discount Stores And They Are £1.00 Which You Get 5-6 Emblellishments Or Stickers In One Packet. Cardstock Can Come In Packs Of 5 Or 10 For 99p (The Works). You Can Also Get A Cheap Guillotine,Glue,Sticky Tape Etc, From The Works. On Ebay, If You Type In 'Clear-out Crafts' You Can Get Loads Of Different Papers,Emblellishments,Card Stock And Load More For Very Cheap Prices Ranging From 99p-£3.00. You Can Get Lots. of Free Paper,Templates On Line To Print Of If You Have Access To A Computer And. Print,Or Go To Local Library. If You Type In To Google 'Free card templates' or 'free card papers' etc loads of site will come up, simply download or save and print. Below are some cardr I have made on a low income, its amazing what you produce with little money and alot of time. Why don't you visit - Beautiful Creative Crafter's On Facebook For More Information,Advice,Competitions And Lots Of Fun.

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