Saturday, 8 June 2013

Blogging Every day In June With Karoove : Day 8

Blogging Every day In June 
With Karoove

Day 8: Take a picture of or describe your craft space OR Craft something that has a Christmas theme

My Rainbow Tower Draws Filled With Coloured Paper/Card 
(My Big Shot Is On Top Instead Of Printer Now) 
Bottom Storage Unit My Dad Built me, Wicker Basket From Argos Filled.
Top Storage Old bookcase, 
Temporary whilst my dad builds me another unit for the top. 

My Desk.. I was in middle of sorting it out.  I have a lot of stuff lol 
My Ribbon And Button Holders,
My Personalised Memo Board. 

My Personalised Whiteboard And Pencil Pot. 
And Close Up Of My Ribbon Holder. 
The Other Side Is Circle Stackable  Containers Filled With Buttons.

And Finally My Desk When Working Sometimes.. 
I'm Generally Quite Tidy. 
My Cricut - Which I'm Selling - I Want To Upgrade To A Cameo.

Best Wishes 



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  1. Hi great photos, loving those coloured drawers !


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