Sunday, 14 April 2013

Crafty Storage And New Hobby..

Hi - I.m not posting a card today.. I have co loured all the crafty saturated canary stamps.. And i will be making a bunting - for my crafty corner,,, 

Theese are all coloured in using promarker:

Skin : Coral, Sunkissed Pink and Blush.
Cheeks : Baby Pink 
Lip: Antique Pink and baby pink
Hair , Umber,Walnut, Cocoa 
Blues: Duck Eggs
Red: Poppy,Lipstick red and Berry red. 
Grey: Cool Grey 2

Now i have moved into my own flat 3 months ago.. it is very small (half a house - upstairs) and as it is a one bedroom flat - My crafty corner is a corner in my living room.. and my current storage isnt very nice.. so my dad made me a storage unit for all my craft stuff.. and it will be nicely organised and hidden:

This is what he build me, he build this all from scratch,and painted it in black to match my other furniture  - the wicker baskets are from Argos (3 for £10) all my crafty stuff will be going into my the baskets and i will be making some labels to - and I will be making my own curtain (red polka dots) to cover it. So my crafty corner will consist of the storage unit, my desk and my big colorful rainbow draws (see below)

This is the big colorful storage tower i have, where i store all my plain card and paper into the correct color draws. My mum and step-dad brought these either for my birthday or Christmas just gone.. I saw this tower weeks earlier when me and my mum went to hobby crafts and loved them -- but as they were £50-£60 and i couldn't afford them at the time - so when i received them i was SO happy and mad at my mums for buying them as there were a a lot of money. 

I brought these of Bella's Crafts, she hand-painted them herself and they are amazing quality. 

I LOVE polka dots - My living room is red,black and white with a hint of silver - wallpaper,
So i ordered these to match my living room. The whiteboard is so useful for writing and attaching notes for  design team work to remember, ideas I've had and my need/want shopping list.and of course my pencil pot for the essential tools - craft knife, rulers etc 

I will be posting a picture of my crafty corner when it is all done to my good standard hehe! :) 

I have also found another hobby i am defiantly going to try out called - 

Below is an example of what is it : 
(this is not my work)

I Can not wait to get all the books and the special supplies to get started eeekk!!! Hurry next Tuesday for pay-day. 

Hope you enjoyed my post today :) 


Ami-May x


  1. Morning Ami-May, fabulous unit your dad created and I too have the multicoloured box too. Gorgeous images and can't wait to see the bunting you create with them.

    Linda xxx

  2. Your dad is obviously talented - this unit is fabulous - you are so lucky!!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished bunting

  3. Thank you i am working on bunting currently.. so excited lol :)

    Thank you for your lovely comments :)


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