Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Shyla,Goodies && Special Delivery's...

Hi I have a few things to show you, 
First my new addition to my life, 
some goodies and finally a card.

First of all I would like to show you my beautiful cat Shyla... She is a year and half old. And I've had her nearly 2 weeks on Friday and she is defiantly my cat - she lies on me all day long.. except when at the craft table... she would if i allowed her to.. 

She is beautiful, she has tortoise shell coating,.. she didn't have a very nice start to her life.. as she was a feral cat and got abused- but her ex owner before me trained her,, and she is brilliant  Except she isn't very keen on men, she doesn't mind my partner but she will hiss sometimes due to fear. 
But i think she is comfy here, and she gets lots of attention. 

She isn't allowed out yet for another month, then i need to get her sprayed, which i really don't want to do as she would have beautiful kittens, she's to young at the moment, and i wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep of all her kittens. 

Hope you have liked seeing her.. now keeping going down the post for the crafty stuff.


Well this morning I Received my order from The Ribbon Girl, Stampin - up and Letreset ... I got lots of yummy including bakers twine, jute mesh,dew drops, binding, flowers, i got some card-stock from stamping up and Promarkers end dots from Letreset.. (excuse the ash tray) oopps!!

My New goodies 

So with the Promarkers end dots, I have finally organised my Promarker,, and wow its so much easier to find the right pen without taking them all out and it looks pretty :) 


And finally i want to show you a card i've made tonight.. its not quite finished yet but i wanted to show you anyway ...

Again this is made on a 5 x 7 inches scalloped edged card blank.

I have have used papers from first edition - Family ties 
Layered on to kraft cardstock.. inked around the edges with distressing ink. 
I hand-coloured the image with My promarkers --- which is special delivery from redonkulous designs
Skin: Coral,Sunkissed Pink and Blush. 
Hair : Umber 
Present : Gold & Lipstick red.
I added stardust the present - not easily seen in the photo. 
I then used blue liquid pearls from The ribbon girl. 
Layered onto Kraft Card-stock 
and finally added some scrap lace.

I need to add a sentiment ( Not sure what yet)  and maybe some other bits.. 

Hope you enjoyed my card and seeing my new crafting goodies

P.s I've updated my About Me section ^^^ top of the page.. if you would like to find out a bit more about me. 




  1. Hi Ami-May, your cat is gorgeous, love the eye patch patterning! Your card is great fun, you almost need a lift up flap on the present! Jill x

    1. Thank you.. When i spotted the image from others.. I thought i need that.. Nice sight on my desk everytime i craft lol.. I m trying to think of good catchpharse to add to it :) x

  2. Hi, gorgeous cat, she looks quite happy :) Love your card, the image is funny and made me giggle lol. Love the idea of the colour dots for your markers, that really must make things a lot easier xx

    1. yeah she is quite happy.. She lies on my and suckles my dressing gown.. Shes still like a kitten at half.. Bless her.. The dots are fabulous.. Ive seen other do it with there plain dots - but i though the ones i have are brill due to the fact they have the name and code on them. The card will be nicely displayed on my desk.. For giggles everytime i craft.. Just need a funny catchphase - thinking 'you can't craft without a hunk' thank you for your lovely comment. X

    2. Sorry for my bad punuation skills.. Dylexic lol x

  3. What a gorgeous kitty and the card is great fun too

  4. Shyla sure is a cutie and lovely coat. I have my own cat Tiggy who is tortoise shell to and hubby and I love her to bits. She is our first pet, trying to get hubby to agree to getting a kitten now that I am at home.

    Your card is fantastic, I haven't seen this image before. Gorgeous colouring too.

    Linda xxxx

  5. Hi lovelie, your cat is gorgeous love her. Love the card, fabulous image made me smile too lol xx

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments. really appreciate you comments :)


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