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Blogging everyday In June With Day 1:

Picture of me ^^^^^ Sorry if i break you laptop/pc/mobile screen hehe! 

Blogging everyday In June

With Karoove

                  Day 1: Tell us all about how you got into crafting OR Craft something that is pink

                                                   About me and why i began crafting/cardmaking.

Hi my name is Ami-May, I am 20 years of age, I suffer with Borderline Personality Disorder,Dyslexia  && Asthma because (BPD) it’s a mental illness many people don't understand how hard living with the illness is due to the fact you can’t see what’s going on in my mind.  I have to fight every day to be normal in a way.. As depression, anxiety && hallucinations  affects me in every way.. Due to admission into hospital in October 2011, I found card-making as my outlet and it also helps in distracting me from the illness every-day.. I have very much learnt most crafting thing all by myself with a help from my crafting friends, Due to my Anxiety /Social Anxiety I do not leave my little flat a lot unless with my boyfriend of 2 years (June 18th 2011) He helps me a lot with the things I can’t or struggle with, And because of this I do not have many mates in the real world, most of my friends I have met through crafty Facebook groups/blogs etc. I live on my own in my little flat in a small town in Derbyshire, with my little cat – Shyla who is currently a year and half.. she helps me a lot in not feeling alone, and she is  defiantly my cat,, she sits with me all day long and is never far away when I’m sleeping to.

The main person in my life apart from my partner Jake, mum&&dad, is my brother who is currently going to turn 6 in October (Halloween Baby).. He is my little star. And he is defiantly sissy’s --- (his name for me) boy.. When I have the bad day – he’s the one that keeps me fighting everyday.. as I know he looks up to me. I moved out of my mums when I was 18 nearly 19—due to fact I didn’t want her caring for me when I am really bad, my mum brought me up to be very independent. I lived in housing occasion flats where there 24/7 staff there for help  - to teach you how to live independently and how to get your own flat—and a couple of days before my 20th birthday I got my own little flat- me, my Partner,My Mate,Parents decorate my whole flat in 2weeks.. And here I am, 20 and living on my own independently..
I have my own little crafty corner in my living room( my flat is very small so it’s the only place it can go) , which my dad has made me a storage unit for all my craft stuff.. I will be making a handmade curtain myself to cover it up.. and all that will be on show is my desk and the storage unit.. as it’s not a nice view when people come into my living room.. I will dedicate a page on my blog when I finished (11/01/2013/.

I hope you have found this information useful in getting to know me and why I started crafting – and I hope I haven’t bored you.. if you would like to know more or ask any questions, please feel free to email me at

P.s if you would like to know more about my illness please ask(I am very open about this_ or follow this link..(  The more awareness that mental illness are very much as bad as physical illness’s the better in helping people like me get understood and more help.

And Here is my card that is PINK..

Made on white linen card blank.
Hello kitty colouring page image coloured with promakers.
Used first edition paper's - sweet owl, ribbon from fantastic ribbon,
and WOC flowers, Flower head punch.
Gems from stash.
And Computer generated can sentiment.

     photo amiisiggy.png


  1. So lovely of you to be joining in the challenge and what a lovely open and honest post. Its lovely to get to know you.

  2. Ohhh and dont forget to add your link to my post every day so that your in with a chance to win the crafting bundle

  3. Hi Ami, Was nice to read your story and understand a bit more that you go through. We live not too far apart so are nearly neighbours, Lou x

  4. What's not to love about hello kitty? It's a super card hon. Your story is not boring it is inspirational, you should be very proud of what you have achieved. My son has ADHD so I understand about the hidden illness it is sometimes very hard for people to understand and quite often very easy to misjudge. I wish you lots of luck in your new flat and many happy crafting times x x x x

  5. Hi Ami, loved reading your post, so inspirational. Fab card too!
    Hugs Jo x

  6. A beautiful "Hello Kitty" card, I love it! A very inspirational story and it was lovely to getting to know you better too. I wish you well for the future. Thank you for sharing.

    Linda xxx


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